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The Unique Problems of Self-Storage Rental Units

Self-storage rental units are a unique class of property, presenting both lessors and lessees with issues requiring legal assistance.  The industry’s publication “Inside Self-Storage” recently identified three specific areas of possible litigation involving commercial self-storage rental units.  These three areas should be high on the list critical issues for both lessors and lessees when negotiating […]

California Attorney Busted for Business Fraud in San Diego

It may come as little surprise, but attorneys can, and often do, commit business fraud. Unfortunately, in the wake of the financial meltdown in 2008, numerous “mortgage attorneys” have found themselves at the center of controversy, and in some cases, behind bars.  A recent example is the case of Arizona Attorney Jeffrey Greenberg, who, together […]

Business Fraud and the Trusted Employee

Business owners are often filled with pride at the notion of employing friends and family in the workplace. Employers treat employees “like family” and often accomplish great things based upon the mutual trust they establish with employees. Unfortunately, the same trust that may propel a company to great success can be its undoing. Business fraud […]

Tips for Orange County Business Owners to Avoid Fraud

Orange County business owners can avoid fraud and the damages and penalties that arise therefrom. It is a harsh reality that a business can not only suffer at the hands of a wrongdoer, but also incur penalties and damages after being the victim! The issue is rampant in California.  In Orange County, fraud attorneys are […]

Orange County Easement Attorney Obtains Judgment and Ends Dispute Between Neighbors

Neighbor disputes are unfortunate, and while every effort should be made to avoid litigation, sometimes it is simply not possible. When an easement dispute erupted recently, the owner whose land was burdened by the easement contacted Orange County easement attorney Stephen Hammers for help.  The neighbor, who was himself an Orange County attorney, owned the right […]


The Appellate Court in the First District struck another ruling in favor of rent control this week.  The residential landlord was surely displeased with this pro-tenant ruling. Mosser Companies (landlord) owns a nine-unit residential apartment building in San Francisco. The apartment at issue in this case is subject to rent control under the San Francisco […]


The Fifth District Court of Appeal has announced an important ruling in Donahue Schriber Realty Group v. Nu Creation Outreach, Case No. F068287. The case pertains to the right to solicit charitable donations on sidewalks near store entrances. A number of business and real estate clients of Price, Crooke, Gary & Hammers and Stephen Hammers […]


Banks have been scrutinized for lending practices for years, and particularly so following the market downturn in 2008.  Inappropriate and unmonitored loans went into default in the millions across the United States beginning in that year.  The federal government took numerous, specific actions designed to control and regulate lending institutions. Borrowers continue to file lawsuits […]